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Heaven Sent!
I am writing to let you know how much we appreciate the excellent job you and your staff have done over the past 8 months while our boys have been attending your daycare center. After some horrible experiences we have had at other daycare centers throughout Vegas it wasn’t an easy decision to return to a daycare center, especially now that we have 3 boys. We are forever grateful for you working with us financially and could not be happier with the love, care and attention the boys have received. We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful care your staff has given Gavin, Aaron and Ethan every day. We never have to worry about them because we know that they are always having a great time at Kids R Kids. We get so many compliments on what a good boys we have, and the environment you and your staff have created play a big part in how great these boys are turning out to be. We tell our family and coworkers about how we have found such a great daycare center to take care of our boys and how we lucky we feel that we can leave them in a nurturing and creative atmosphere for them to play and learn every day. You have put together a great team with Jackie, Traci and Dena at the core, they are always willing to listen to our concerns and suggestions and give a real sense of community at Kids R Kids. Many thanks
Nelson Dorantes
My Story
Story: There isn't a place to begin, but my story of why we love Kids R Kids dates back to 4 years. I was pregnant with my second child and we were looking for another caring center because my son had an abusive center during his experience. We drove by Kids R Kids over the years, but never paid serious attention until I was expecting again. We visited many places during the interview time, but we remembered the first time we walked into Kids R Kids. They greeted us with a smile. Not just any smile, but the kind you would give your family when you haven't seen them in a while and been anticipating the visit. We left with a memorable experience and immediately they were the top of the list. I find this essay to be so appropriate because the synchronicity of Thanksgiving is today. On this holiday, we take the time to be grateful to our family, friends and the life we have created. Today, my family is taking the time to express our gratitude and appreciation to our "extended family". Why do I say Kids R Kids is our "extended family"? Because they are amazing women who gladly fill our shoes when my husband and I have to make our living to support our family. Most of us work a 5 day, 8 hour week in the corporate world. We hustle in the morning to get dress, listen to our kids moan about sleeping in and still somehow manage to get out the door on time. We drive to school, daycare, and work (unconsciously going through the motions) and never think twice about the destination we deliver our children. However, we should. It is a great honor to find people you can trust especially when you are not around. You want someone who can step into your role without your child feeling deprived or lacking. These ladies intuitively step into this role as a Nurturer, Educator, and Caregiver and fall in love with your child just like the first time he/she was placed into your arms. My daughter has been going there since she was 8 weeks old. She was put into Ms.Alba's arms, but soon we found her way into Ms. Alba's heart. Not only did it stop there, but she embraced our family, like we were her own, and found her way into our hearts as well. We developed a bond with Ms. Alba, Laura and Alicia. As my daughter moved up in rooms, we were sad to depart these wonderful ladies, but discovered that this nurturing did not stop there. Ms. Yolanda took Devyn under her wings and taught her the basics to fly. She would even style my daughter's hair to make her feel pretty about herself. Even though that doesn't seem important, it is to me. I recognized the quality time you spent with my daughter. Most of those times, I was alone while my husband traveled and didn't have time to do her hair as we rushed out the house. Ms. Yolanda might not ever know how much that means to me, but her keen observation to filling my need was noted. Next, my daughter found her way across the hall to Ms. Cherry. I watched my daughter go from a bud to a flower. She was on a fast track to learning in a short expansion of time. The detail Ms. Cherry given to her growth was definitely apparent. Then, she grew into Ms. Suzanne’s room where she cherished the importance of friendships, learned the value of homework and gained independence. She has now graduated into room 350. Quickly we grew very fond of Ms. Dannie. She emphasized communication, manners and mental discipline. With the recent heartbreaking departure of Ms. Dannie, she has easily adapted to Ms. Jessica and is flourishing. At Kids R Kids, my child is greeted by her name EVERYDAY. In the realm of customer service, she is the VIP. I, a parent, am happy she is recognized as an individual. Deena, Traci or Jackie greet us every morning and run the front very professional. They know every child by name as well as every stranger entering the door. As I slip out the door, my child never turns back or runs to me or begs me to stay. Her face lights up like a Christmas tree and I am filled with relief that I chose a "home" for my daughter. When, I pick her up from work, she has enjoyed a day full of laughter, learning and love. She is very reluctant to go home. However, on a Friday evening, she races to the front to receive a delightful cookie or brownie made by Ms. Jackie - a touch of love and specialized service. Another unique touch is they offer a Parent’s Night. When I tell my co-workers, they wish their daycare center offered this! I become an envy to my peers. Kids R Kids recognize the importance for parents to decompress and spend time with each other in this non-stop chaotic world. They know when the parents take time for themselves, the more we can offer to their children. This extends beyond the expectations of any facility. In fact, it exceeds our expectations. Another pleasant surprise was finding Ms. T teaching wellness at the center. She taught my son 8 years ago and we were ecstatic to find her at Kids R Kids. Ladies, you are more to us than my family or I can express. I know a piece of you will live on my daughter and our family even long after we will leave this center. We are truly touched. I hope the universe will give you everything you deserve for the service you give humanity. Thank you and until then, wishing you enough. Forever In My Heart Although I'm not their mother I care for them each day, I cuddle, sing and read to them And watch them as they play. I see each new accomplishment, I help them grow and learn. I understand their language, I listen with concern. They come to me for comfort, And I kiss away their tears. They proudly show their work to me, I give the loudest cheers! No, I 'm not their mother, But my role is just as strong. I nurture them and keep them safe, Though maybe not for long. I know someday the time will come, When we will have to part. But I know each child I cared for, Is forever in my heart! ~ Author Unknown ~
Outstanding School!!!
Our 4 year old son has been attending Kids R Kids for nearly 3 years and our entire family loves it! Our son has so many little friends here that he just loves to be with and he misses them when he is away. He loves it here so much that we often times have a hard time getting him to leave at the end of the day! The entire staff are all so wonderful, helpful, caring and kind people...you can tell they truly care about these children! The structured classroom environments are terrific and the children are always learning and doing fun activities. We are just so pleased with how much our son is learning and how nutured and happy he feels when he is here. We look forward to the years to come and the impact it will make. Thank you so much Kids R Kids...we are truly grateful for all that you do!!
T. Philbert
I wanted to write to your center so you and your staff will know that I think this is a great place to help raise my children. It makes me so happy that both of my kids love to go to school. They have made some great friends and I have even met some fantastic parents through Kids R Kids. I recommend you to everyone I know. Keep up the great work! Monica
Monica - NV
So Grateful!
I am a single mom with 3 children. I enrolled all three at Kids R Kids. Even with financial help from a child care subsidy I still could not afford the co-pay. Ms. Enez and Ms. Tracy were so helpful to me. Because of their compassion for my family and great flexibility we were able to sit down and work out a payment that I could afford. My children have a stable, fun, safe & nurturing home environment and now a great school too! This means so much to me!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
M. Hernandez - NV
An Extremely Happy Parent
My child attends the afternoon Club House and she loves it! I am really pleased with the Homework Club. The Club House Counselors are very attentive to the children needs and provide fun learning centers for them to explore. If you are looking for a good afterschool program, I strongly recommend this one!
MLJ. Gonzalez - NV
First Time Parent
I am very happy with your infant room. My daughter is 15 weeks old. I have been with your center for almost 2 months and I love it! The best feeling an over protective, first time parent can have is PEACE. I can just drop off my baby and feel secure and know that she will be well taken care off. I love the cameras. I am able to be logged on all day. Thank you to all the teachers in my daughter`s room, for taking good care of my baby and for making me feel at peace.
T. Rocker - NV
The best!
My son is in the 2 year old classroom. The staff is so friendly and the center is clean. It`s like a second home for him. All the parents and kids look forward to `cookie Friday`. It`s the special touches that make them so different. The cost may be a little more but it is definately worth it! C. Dannon
C. Dannon - NV
Thank you!
I have recommended Kids R Kids to my friends and co-workers. My daughter has been there for only 6 months in the infant classroom, but the care and love that the teachers give her and the way they manage to give each and every child just what they need and want is amazing to me. You can tell that they truly enjoy their job.
S. Barrera - NV
It`s so sad to say Good Bye!
It is so hard to believe that my son has to leave Kids R Kidss#2! He has attended the school since he was two and has loved every minute! He learned so much there and now he is an A honor roll student! Next year he is going to be attending Middle School. The Kummar family would like to thank all the teachers and staff that helped my son! J Kumar
J. Kumar - NV
Over Excited!
I am very excited to announce that my daughter is now reading and she is only 4.5 years old. Your Pre-Kindergarten program is fantastic. The teacher is using a curriculum that the children connect with and are able to understand. Thank you for all your efforts in making my child be more than prepared for her upcoming academic years! Sincerely grateful, Loraine Summers
L. Summers - NV
Great Program!
My son attended Kids R Kids on S. Jones for 3 years. I loved the teachers and my son was so happy. We moved out of state and my son misses his friends and everything about pre-school there. Thank you, Kids R Kids, for the great memories!
T. Shanquille - NV
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